Rainbow Gravel

Trap Rock 

1-2" multi-colored gravel that looks great in almost any application

1-1/2" purple trap rock that has always been an all time favorite


Black Granite Rock

Hardwood Mulch

2" black rock that will give your landscaping a new dramatic look

Premium double-shredded bark sourced primarily from oak with a rich dark color

Black Mulch 

Single shredded, black-dyed virgin wood mulch for landscape contrast

Granite Cobbles

Multi-colored granite cobblestones ranging from 3"-24"


Merrimac Gravel

1" golden gravel that is easy to spread and covers well

Red Mulch 

Single shredded, red-dyed virgin wood mulch for a bright landscape

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Smooth black/gray pebbles ranging 2"-4".  Great accent material

We also carry a full line of flagstone, wallstone, outcropping and boulders.

Same or next day delivery is available for all materials.

To calculate how much you need please visit the FAQ page.